ThruPore Technologies is your ideal partner for catalyst formulation development, optimization, and manufacturing

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Enabling Technology – Porous Carbon Supports

ThruPore’s innovation was developing a proprietary formulation and manufacturing process for making a highly porous synthetic carbon material.  The picture above shows the porous material and structure, ideal for a catalyst support, as the pores enable more uniform metal dispersion.  These pores enable 6 times more surface area for chemical reactions.

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Highly Selective Custom Catalysts

ThruPore works closely with your Team to formulate, develop, and optimize a superior-performing new catalyst.  ThruPore provides value at every step of the journey to launching a new process or plant.  ThruPore’s value proposition is to provide a much better performing catalyst, lasting much longer, at your current catalyst budget.

ThruPore catalysts are more sustainable – extending your lifetime and making less undesirable byproducts. Check out our Case Study, where a customer wanted a more sustainable catalyst for an existing process.

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