ThruPore Announces That Early Test Data for COVID-Killing Catalyst Shows Promise

Company Plans to Launch Filter Treatment in Delaware First

New Castle, DE, November 13, 2020 – ThruPore Technologies Inc. announced today that early testing data from its recently awarded grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) is showing promise. ThruPore is developing a new virus-killing chemical catalyst, which could enable low cost air purification in large buildings as early as Q1 2021. The company’s CEO, Dr. Franchessa Sayler, commented, “Early data on initial product efficacy has shown that we are able to kill small non-enveloped viruses that the EPA considers representative of emerging pathogens.”

ThruPore Technologies Inc. has its headquarters location in New Castle, DE. The company also announced today that Delaware’s New Castle County has awarded ThruPore an Innovation Grant of $167,000 to launch the new filter treatment product in Delaware First. The funding was allocated from the Federal CARES Act and New Castle County selected ThruPore as a winning recipient. ThruPore proposed to NCC a “Delaware First” rollout campaign, with the filter treatment product branded as “Dr. Filter”.

New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer said, “We are very pleased to have a technical leadership company like ThruPore in our ecosystem and grateful they want to help our Community first.” ThruPore believes that being able to successfully filter viruses out of the air and kill them on contact will have tremendous economic impact leading to the successful re-opening of many office buildings. The Company plans to communicate in January of 2021 how property managers in Delaware can access ThruPore’s new product.

Additionally, ThruPore has announced that they will be working with NAI Emory Hill, a Delaware based property management company, to test the new product in their commercial office buildings. “We are very excited to be working with NAI Emory Hill’s team of experts and we greatly appreciate access to the buildings located in New Castle. This real-world test data is a critical step to get through the EPA Registration and have a successful launch of the Dr. Filter product”, said Sayler. Commonwealth Emory Hill owns the two buildings where testing will occur.

One major hurdle remaining for the Dr. Filter product is time involved with the EPA product registration, which is expected to be fast-tracked due to being related to COVID. “We’ve received some excellent help and guidance from Chris Wade at DNREC for working with the EPA to dramatically accelerate the product registrations process, which we truly need”, said John Currie, VP of Business Development at ThruPore. DNREC is Delaware’s Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.

About Delaware’s New Castle County CARES Innovation Grants
New Castle County was awarded $322 million from the United States Treasury as part of the CARES Act. The County is investing in daily coronavirus testing, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), COVID-19 related reimbursement for municipalities and fire companies, housing assistance and specific emergency assistance programs for non-profit organizations. The County Executive convened a Task Force of six Committees to provide recommendations on additional spending priorities, resulting in the funding opportunities listed here.

About ThruPore Technologies, Inc.
ThruPore Technologies is an innovative materials company that developed a unique carbon manufacturing platform. ThruPore was spun out of The University of Alabama in 2012. In 2014, ThruPore re-located its’ headquarters to New Castle, DE and has been awarded over $1.7 MM from the National Science Foundation to develop various technologies. ThruPore has developed over 50 customized catalysts for various chemical processes over the last 3 years.

About NAI Emory Hill
NAI Emory Hill is a completely full-service commercial and residential real estate firm serving Delaware and the surrounding counties of Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Founded in 1981, we have the resources to design, build, finance, lease, sell, manage and maintain commercial and residential properties throughout the Mid-Atlantic.


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