Precious Metals

ThruPore specializes in heterogeneous precious metal catalysts. We work with your precious metals bank in structuring ideal terms of sale. ThruPore has experience with these precious metals:

Palladium                  Platinum                    Ruthenium               Rhodium

Silver                             Gold                              Rhenium

ThruPore has experience in making bimetallic and trimetalic catalysts. ThruPore has also worked with these non-precious and rare-earth metals:

Nickel                      Copper                     Tin                        Zinc                          Chromium

Cobalt                      Cerium                     Iron                      Molybdenum     Barium


ThruPore’s most-requested catalyst is palladium-on-carbon catalyst, ideal for hydrogenations.  Open our Pd-on-Carbon technical data sheet here, or


ThruPore’s preferred model is to collaborate with process developers to formulate innovative proprietary heterogeneous catalysts. We bring our highly technical team, our unique porous carbon supports, and manufacturing capabilities at scale. Give us a catalyst challenge!