Precious Metals

ThruPore offers standard off-the-shelf precious metal catalysts. We work with your precious metals bank in structuring ideal terms of sale.

ThruPore’s most-requested catalyst is palladium-on-carbon catalyst, ideal for hydrogenations.  Open our Pd-on-Carbon technical data sheet here, or


ThruPore’s preferred model is to collaborate with process developers and owners to formulate your next proprietary heterogeneous catalyst. We bring our highly technical team, our unique porous carbon supports, and manufacturing capabilities at scale. Provide us with basic information on the CONTACT page to get started.

You can purchase lab-scale amounts through Strem Chemicals. Click on the links below to buy ThruPore’s standard Pd/C catalyst offerings:

1 wt % loading powder
5 wt % loading powder
1 wt % loading pellet





ThruPore has experience making platinum and ruthenium catalysts.